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Tokyo &JamaicaCashless App
Developing a digital payment app solution for event promotion, ticketing and personalized sales.

Making safe and easy payments.


Tokyo and Jamaica – two iconic music venues in Portugal’s capital city, Lisbon – wanted to provide their customers with a safe, easy-to-use payment tool that would also enable promoters to market future events and drive ticket sales.

A user-friendly digital wallet.

Recognizing market trends and customer demands, a cashless payment application was developed.

This digital wallet allowed for cashless payments. It also provided a way for customers to learn about current promotions and purchase tickets to upcoming events.

Designed with simplicity and style in mind, the UX design drives user engagement which led to increased sales.

A modern, individualized way to pay.

The app provides secure payment methods customers can trust. Through the app, users have autonomy. They can easily add funds to their digital wallet or check their account balance and monitor recent activity. They can even purchase event tickets within the app and make purchases at the venues by simply scanning a QR code.

Get closer to your customers.

The mobile app also serves as a marketing platform, enabling venue owners to directly engage their community members. Through the app, they can offer clients exclusive discounts or alert them to upcoming secret shows using push notifications.

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