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SwissnexGlobal WebsiteRedesign
Advancing an open platform for international collaboration.

A Swiss global network.


Swissnex was founded on the assumption that – in an age of globalization and open innovation processes – Switzerland must have a strong presence in the world’s leading knowledge and technology hubs. We helped them convey this mission and reach a wider audience by developing a new website and user experience.

We designed the website so that their five geographies and respective programs were all easily accessed in one place. We created a new functionality which centered on brand cohesion across locations and included well-balanced visuals and messaging. This elevated the user navigation and experience.

Refreshing the brand.

We reimagined the Swissnex logo to be a puzzle piece in order to boldly signify the action of bringing people and ideas together. The shape also playfully echoes the Swiss flag. Our brand work sought to express the organization’s mission: human connection and the potential for catalytic change through collaboration.

The brand guidelines we introduced provided standard usage rules as well as inspiration for creative applications which further enhanced their impact. They were rolled out across Swissnex’s entire system, including a new website and communication materials and templates.

Five geographies.

With the rebrand, we designed the organization’s website with five geographies and their respective programs, each one accessible in a single place. After establishing the objectives, we augmented the goals by coupling them with a research strategy, stakeholder interviews and a comprehensive site audit. The key areas identified for new functionality and engagement centered on creating brand cohesion across all international locations, elevating user navigation and experience, and balancing visuals and messaging.

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