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SamsungThe Frame TV
Designing a first-of-its-kind interactive digital art platform.

Creating an entirely new experience.


By doing away with the ubiquitous black television screen, we created an entirely new range of interactions.

Our design brings static walls to life thanks to an innovative interface that seamlessly transitions from art to entertainment.

By turning “off mode” into “art mode,” we created a product experience that evolves what was once a simple digital device into a product which brings new inspiration into daily life.


Building an innovative digital art platform.

Working with internationally acclaimed curator Elise Van Middelem, The Frame TV offers the largest digital art library available anywhere.

We partnered with a diverse group of renowned artists – many of whom have works in some of the world’s most prestigious museums – to show their work in a digital gallery exclusive for The Frame.

Executing a contextually aware, pixel-perfect display.

We consulted with a range of experts – from picture framers to digital innovators – in order to format every aspect of the display so that it properly presents what’s on screen.

The Frame is the first TV designed with proprietary motion and ambient light sensors. The displayed images adapt to The Frame’s environment, such as the lighting in the room. To ensure The Frame’s display doesn’t unnecessarily waste power, the sensors detect movement in the room and turn off the display when no one is present.

Developing a distinctive, cost effective user-interface.

The digital interface of “Art Mode” became as important a design challenge as the form itself. Here, the important distinction is the classification of “Mode.” By prioritizing “Art Mode,” we were able to create two distinct UI environments for The Frame without the need to rewrite the entire OS. This saved millions of dollars in development costs. It also allowed “Art Mode” to have its own UI design that respected the integrity of the art and the gallery aesthetic.

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