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Pioneering the ultimate sound healing experience.

An immersive spatial sound


The OPUS SoundBed™ empowers users to take control of their emotional health and alleviate physical tension via a patent-pending design that blends targeted, full-body vibration and sound via a companion app that ensures unrivaled experience.

An individualized Journey of content experiences.

Delivering a diverse catalog of content experiences – called “Journeys” – OPUS’s design invites individuality. Crafted by a community of healing practitioners, each trained in a range of modalities – from meditation to emotional intelligence to peak performance and more – OPUS enables users to reach their own unique, personal health goals.

Exclusive membership access to healing practitioners.

OPUS also offers a membership service, providing a range of original sound healing content from numerous artists. The exclusive material ranges from 7-60 minute sessions, with shorter experiences designed for daily relaxation or mood enhancement and longer Journeys intended for deeper exploration and personal growth.

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