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FORME LifeHome WellnessSystem
Creating an immersive fitness experience that blends seamlessly into the home.

The most personal



Our challenge was to innovate both where and how personal fitness is done, designing an all-in-one wellness portal which delivers world-class physical and mental wellness classes in a form-factor that fits seamlessly into any home.

An immersive, unobtrusive display.

The large high-resolution touchscreen display provides a highly engaging training experience, which – when coupled with accessories – enables an extraordinary range of exercise and wellness practices such as weight training, barre, kickboxing, yoga and meditation.

A holistic health experience.

An extraordinary level of detail went into developing all elements of FORME Life, from the brand expression to the physical device and from the broad range of accessories to the on-screen UI and app experiences.

An embedded team engagement model.

Recognizing the needs of a fast-moving start-up with pressure to launch, our designers worked closely alongside FORME Life’s team to ensure the app’s first release was developed on time and on budget.

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